A Bad Day

I have to confess, I’m not loving today!

I woke up half an hour late. Amazingly, I got the baby ready without waking hubby (works nights and had just fallen asleep) and walked out the door in time just to find that my car wouldn’t start! I send a quick text telling hubby what’s up and carry baby and 4 bags (purse, pump, diaper and lunch) out of the garage to find it snowed! It was NOT supposed to snow! So I totter to the car in my three inch heels, no gloves, no coat, baby and all to find that hubby’s car isn’t just covered in snow but ICE! Can a girl catch a break?


I’m in a time of great decisions to be made and its stressing me out. I’m a planner so when I have big decisions to make, I try to loosely plan what all my options would look like. Enter: internet and blogs galore! I came across a blog that brought me to tears. A woman dedicated her entire site to stating that being a working mom/wife is a sin. I often hear people praise the stay at home mom for her amazing contribution to her family. I hear love and support for the sinlge mom. But what about those of us who are LITERALLY doing it all?

I have a dozen balls in the air but no one ever taught me how to juggle. Add to that the constant criticisms ony the fact that I am even trying to juggle and its enough to make any modern woman turn to a bottle of wine!

What’s the point of all of this? I honestly have no idea. I just needed to put it out there. I suppose this is my plea: please stop judging! Everyone is doing their best. Let’s leave judging to those who are truly qualified. My new motto about these things is guidance accepted, high horses rejected! Who’s with me?!

(Yes, when I say things like “Who’s with me?!” I am mentally throwing a fist into the air as people cheer!)

In case you are curious – weight loss is going medium-good but I still can’t get through an entire dailyhiit.com workout 🙂